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angelicshadow wrote in oldnavyfans
I have not updated in a long ol' time, so I thought I would do one of my wishlists. With summer just around the bend, I really need to purchase some new t-shirts and whatnot! Luckily, I have enough capris and shorts to not need any new ones. :D My wallet is thanking me as I type!

*There is more that I have my eyes on, but they give and take certain items when they update their site. I know I want get all of it, of course. It's just nice to browse and drool over all of my options! :)

*I got a few other things, but they took them off of the site so I don't have a stock image of them. And the dress that I pictured is not actually the print I got. I got the navy blue and white gingham-type printed one! I don't like it so much, though. It makes me look like I added on 20 lbs. :/ The babydoll dresses are not my friends.

So anyway, there is a bit of an update on my part. You all should update with your wishlists and/or what you have bought!♥

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I got a few things off of my summer list...On the second row, I got the purple trapeze tank top. Actually, I love the fit of them. I recommend them to anyone. I got almost every color in it! On the fourth row, I got the first sweater in white and I love it. I also got the dress, but I bought it in gray and another one kind of like it in the teal. ♥

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