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Recent Buys!
angelicshadow wrote in oldnavyfans
I went crazy the other week online. Old Navy does not ship to Canada yet, so since I'm going home this month for Thanksgiving...I just had it shipped home to pick up then. The best part is I can pack light since I have all of this waiting for me to wear when I get there! :)

blue henley tank, blue striped cami, bordeaux lace cami, purple lace cami, green striped henley, gray layering tank

blue babydoll top, purple babydoll top, purple henley, bordeaux sweater, blue fleece pullover

green cardigan, blue shawl sweater, purple/pink peacoat, bordeaux flats, black sherpa boots

Can't wait to go home to all of it! It will be like an early Christmas! :D

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I LOVE the lace camis. I have them in almost every color. They are perfect under a v-neck shirt.

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