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angelicshadow wrote in oldnavyfans
I'd love to make this community active again! So if you shop at Old Navy, add this community! :)

I'm definitely moving into basics for Fall. I pretty much plan on just wearing plain t-shirts with sweaters a lot of the time. Lucky for me, the basics just happen to be "in". :)

The triple-band tanks and t-shirts that they have are great and extremely comfortable. I bought two of the shirts in black and gray and two of the tanks in gray and green. The yoga bottoms are comfy, as well. The bottom of the legs are banded so if you scrunch them up a little higher, they will actually stay. I have bought three of the v-neck and u-neck tees. I bought a bright pink, navy blue, and cranberry-esque colored one. To go under those, I've bought two striped tanks and one baby blue tank. Curses to Old Navy for constantly changing their site, so I was not able to get stock images! :P

So what have you gotten lately? What are you planning to get? Fall is just around the corner! :)

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I got the triple band tee last week in yellow. Love it! Also got a navy boatneck 3/4 sleeve tee, 2 tees with lace around the neck and bottom hem, a greeen and white striped tank, clearance shorts, and a navy and tan striped puff sleeved tee. Has anyone else bought the puff sleeve tees? I love them! I think I have 4 of them now. I see you cant get them on the website though.

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